Finesse Microwavable Dinnerware

Finesse Microwavable Dinnerware

Introducing the first full line disposable dinnerware offering made from Polypropylene . With a lower carbon footprint, Polypropylene is recognized as a ‘greener’ disposable solution.

Additionally, Finesse plates and bowls contain a natural mineral additive for additional eco-friendly benefits. This line addresses the need for alternative plastic material solutions in communities that have banned Polystyrene.

The visually-appealing design effectively complements food presentations: Finesse black matte finish ‘dresses up’ lasagna and Caesar salad as well as perfectly presenting a hamburger and fries meal!

Impress your friends with the ability to microwave foods on Finesse dinnerware! Durable heavyweight construction with a deep profile is ideal for heavy or saucy foods.

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