Discount party supplies and decorations.

Mix & Match for Big Discounts

At Party At Lewis, we think you should be able to get wholesale prices and discounts without having to overbuy on items of "the same." That's why, for years, we've offered our popular "Mix and Match" discount.

With Mix & Match, you can buy 12 different items, and still get 10% off your entire order. Buy 24, get 15% off. You can save up to 30% off your entire order (60 items).

No more buying by the case. No more "overstocking" your home or business. No more wasting money. It's that simple.

Mix & Match is offered on ALL products, regardless of size or price, so long as they're all on the same order.

The Fine Print
An "item" is a pack, single product or package. For example, plastic cups are not sold individually, but in packs. Thus, an 8-count pack of cups counts as one item. However, purchasing (2) packs of cups does count as two items. Just look in the Quanity (QTY) column in your cart—this signifies the actual number of "items" you are purchasing.

Mix & Match discounting is per order. It is not accrued over several orders or a period of time.

Tips on Getting the Best Discounts
Many of our customers buy ahead for future events so they can reap the benefits. For example, you may be shopping for Baby Shower tableware, but have plans to also host a holiday party this year. Consider buying ahead and you'll save even more.