Party Plate, Clear

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Party Plate, Clear

Theme: Plastic Party Plates

$13.19 Each
Code: 19123

Product Details:

Item per pack: 10 per pack

Size: 8.75"


• Versatile by design with a plate, fork, knife, spoon, sauce compartments and a holder used primarily for a napkin.
• Fork, knife and spoon snap off - then on! - the plate for added convenience and ease.
• Two side compartments for convenient sauce/condiment dipping or separate side portions.
• Ringed holder enables user to hold a napkin. It can also be used for some lighter weight stemware applications.
• Heavyweight, sturdy construction.

PartyPlate™ clear lid simplifies and enhances to-go and pre-packaged/”boxed” lunch meals. Lid covers the entire PartyPlate™, including utensils and side compartments. Application ideas: tailgating, camping, picnics, cocktail parties, outdoor events, off-premise catering, restaurants, cafeterias, barbecues, buffets, passed appetizer events and much more!

Heavyweight, sturdy construction.