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Shop for Green Paper and Plastic Dinnerware

Our green paper plates are poly-coated and are constructed from heavyweight paperboard stock. They are available in round and square. We offer 3 sizes 10 dinner plates, 9 luncheon plates and 7 desert plates. Our green plastic plates are also available in the same 3 sizes and are constructed from semi-rigid premium plastic.

Our green paper cocktail and dinner napkins feature embossed edges. Cocktail napkins measure 5 x 5 folded and our dinner napkins are 1/8 fold and measure 4 3/8" x 8 1/2" folded. Unfold the dinner napkins one time will give you a 1/4 fold or 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" square.

Our green tableware collection also consists of plastic cutlery, tablecloths, tableskirts, bowls, cups and paper placemats.

Product... Price QTY
Banquet Table Cover 2/Ply Poly Tissue, Green
Code: 19278   full details

Round Table Cover 2/Ply Poly Tissue, Green
Code: 19299   full details

Plastic Banquet Table Cover, Green
Code: 7642   full details

Plastic Round Table Cover, Green
Code: 7662   full details

Plastic Table Cover 100-foot Roll, Green
Code: 7758   full details

Table Skirting, 13' Green
Code: 15881   full details

Table Cover Clips
Code: 6866   full details
24 pack

Sturdy Style 12-inch Oval Paper Plates, Green
Code: 25620   full details
8 pack

Heavy Duty 10-inch Paper Plates, Green
Code: 7441   full details
24 pack

Heavy Duty 9-inch Paper Plates, Green
Code: 7421   full details
24 pack

Heavy Duty 7-inch Paper Plates, Green
Code: 7400   full details
24 pack

Square Paper Plates, 9-inch Deep Dish, Green
Code: 23737   full details
18 pack

Square Paper Plates, 7-inch Deep Dish, Green
Code: 23738   full details
18 pack

Coordinate Textured Square 9-inch Plates, Emerald Green
Code: 17241   full details


12 pack

Premium 10-inch Plastic Plates, Green
Code: 15959   full details
20 pack

Premium 9-inch Plastic Plates, Green
Code: 15930   full details
20 pack

Premium 7-inch Plastic Plates, Green
Code: 15902   full details
20 pack

Premium 12 oz Plastic Bowls, Green
Code: 16020   full details
20 pack

Paper Bowls 20 oz Green
Code: 28032   full details
20 pack

3-Ply Dinner Napkins, Green
Code: 19611   full details
25 pack

Dinner Napkins, Green
Code: 7376   full details
50 pack

Beverage Napkins, Green
Code: 7352   full details
50 pack

Cups - 9 oz Hot or Cold, Green
Code: 7464   full details
24 pack

Premium 12 oz Plastic Cups, Green
Code: 15989   full details
20 pack

Heavy Duty Plastic Forks, Green
Code: 7494   full details
24 pack

Heavy Duty Plastic Knives, Green
Code: 7540   full details
24 pack

Heavy Duty Plastic Spoons, Green
Code: 7567   full details
24 pack

Heavy Duty Plastic Cutlery, Green
Code: 7589   full details
24 pack

Paper Placemats, Green
Code: 16288   full details
50 pack

Chevron Stripe Treat Cups Green
Code: 25788   full details
6 pack

Treat Boxes, Green
Code: 23374   full details


8 pack

Cookie/Candy Boxes, Green
Code: 23388   full details


2 pack

11-inch Qualatex Balloons, Emerald Green Jewel
Code: 9355   full details
25 pack

15-inch Qualatex Bubble Balloon, Green
Code: 24154   full details


4 pack

Balloon Weight, Green
Code: 22141   full details

Crepe Paper Streamers 81-foot Roll, Green
Code: 12639   full details

Green w/Dots Paper Flag Banner
Code: 25797   full details

Tissue Festooning 25-Foot, Green
Code: 22112   full details

Tissue Ball 12-Inch, Green
Code: 22126   full details

Green Mini Tissue Fans
Code: 26168   full details
6 pack

Paper Lanterns Green 9.5-inch
Code: 25375   full details
3 pack

Twirly Whirlys, Green
Code: 22464   full details
6 pack

Metalic Star Cutouts Green
Code: 28076   full details
12 pack

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